Hibaru Fishing Lodge is a local guesthouse on the Dharavandhoo Island in the Baa Atoll, 120 km from Male’ international Airport. Baa Atoll hosts 105 coral reefs that pierce the water surface forming 61 islands with vegetation and a variable number of sandbanks. Dharavandhoo Island is a typical fishermen island with a length of 1330m and a width of 480m. The island has magnificent white sand beaches that smoothly dissapear in the warm waters of the lagoon and reef - the ideal place for snorkeling and safe swimming.

The island is surrounded by clear waters known as "Dharavandhoo Thila' & Hanifaru Bay” which are famous among divers around the world, it is a sanctuary for marine creatures including manta rays and whale sharks. Hanifaru Bay, which is known locally as Vandhumaafaru Adi is considered to be one of the few places in the world where whale sharks congregate to mate. Gulf regularly sees some of the biggest clusters of manta ray worldwide with up to a hundred individuals inside when the tide pushes the plankton in the bay.

Our guest house, located on an inhabited island offers you the opportunity to interact and experience the exotic culture of a nation. From local crafts to music, from fishing and boat building to the children playing on its sandy streets, you'll feel immersed in a world completely special – an adventure that you cannot experience in a resort. Discover a tropical destination worldwide, be a little different and avoid the usual tourist spots without losing the characteristics of these extraordinary dream islands: lagoons, white sandy beaches with coconut trees, diversity of marine life and beautiful coral reefs. Hibaru Fishing Lodge offers you a budget holiday and the true Maldives experience.

Hibaru Fishing Lodge is a must for anglers, and the perfect base for your next Big Game Fishing adventure. Hibaru Fishing Lodge is for groups of anglers, their partners or families, accommodating a maximum of up to 14 guests at once. When staying with us you will experience a personal level of service only possible within this private setting.

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